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Schedule of legal requirements

A schedule of legal requirements covers all legal standards and relevant legislation in environmental laws that could apply to your company. Special laws and stipulations set by public authorities that apply to your operations and plants are included in this comprehensive list. In other words, a schedule of legal requirements is a comprehensive database containing all the environmental legislation that applies to any part of your company, a full list of the standards you must comply with and details of those responsible for ensuring compliance. This database translates the legal requirements into the appropriate corporate duties and delegates them to the people responsible within the organisation. An environmental officer should be appointed to monitor any changes in obligations and update the schedule of legal requirements accordingly. 


Our services

  • We determine which environmental legislation and standards apply to your business.
  • Based on these regulations we compile a schedule of legal requirements with all legal obligations specifically for your business.
  • We monitor any changes to environmental legislation and amend your schedule and obligations accordingly.
  • We work with lawyers to advise you on all matters relating to environmental legislation.

The advantages for your business

  • Your business is aware of all environmental laws and safety regulations that apply to your operations.
  • Your company’s schedule of legal requirements is always up to date.
  • You can concentrate on your core business knowing that you are not violating any environmental regulations.