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Health and safety at work

Well-organised health and safety processes provide protection against accidents and work-related illnesses. It is a crucial aspect, as accidents and health hazards that are directly linked to the working environment can greatly damage a company’s image, as well as causing additional expense. In contrast, fewer down days help to lower costs immensely and reduce staffing bottlenecks.

All companies are obligated to employ safety officers to assist with health and safety at work and occupational medicine. Failure to comply with these standards can result in the employer personally facing charges under civil and criminal law. In contrast, businesses that take these duties seriously boost their image as responsible enterprises, increasing employee satisfaction and allowing work and organisational processes to be streamlined. Over the past years, Health and Safety has evolved from focusing exclusively on technical prevention of accidents to offering a comprehensive prevention programme. Modern Health and Safety is closely linked to ergonomics, quality assurance and environmental protection.   

Our services

  • We can provide external safety officers and specialists who regularly offer expert support for your company and who occupy an unbiased position in internal conflicts.
  • We will set up a highly functional health and safety organisation for your business.
  • We offer safety consultancy in compliance with the occupational health and safety act.
  • We can conduct hazard assessments and risk analyses.
  • We will help you roll out programmes and protective measures to ensure occupational health and safety.
  • We can perform workplace analyses.
  • We offer health and safety training courses for your employees.
  • We represent your business’ interests to the employers’ mutual insurance association.
  • We integrate health and safety in (quality) management systems. If the employer handles health and safety, we can provide comprehensive external training and external support on an as-needed basis.

We provide you with the latest insight and research at no extra cost for training courses to your company, relieving you of the burden of the cost of a dedicated health and safety officer.