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Environmental protection officers

Environmental protection officers are responsible for self-monitoring within the company. This runs alongside and is in addition to external monitoring by the authorities and is necessary in order to meet the obligation to apply precautionary principles for compliance with current environmental legislation.

Managing directors and plant operators are obligated to comply with standards and duties, and in this they are aided by environmental protection officers, whose responsibility it is to inspect and document their area of responsibility. These officers also have further duties, including advising the plant officer, developing and implementing improvements, monitoring and inspecting plants, providing information to employees, reporting defects and faults, and regular general reporting.

Environmental protection officers have a set position within the company’s organisation. They could be described as the “corporate conscience” and should be able to work without having to take commercial interests or profitability into consideration. A key condition for officers to perform their duties is specific expertise and proven qualifications for their particular area. Environmental protection officers can also be brought in from outside the company; it is not absolutely necessary to appoint and train an employee to this position.

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