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Emergency and disaster management

German seaports currently play a key role in international trade. The growth in marine traffic together with the increase in the speed and size of cargo ships has exacerbated the risk of accidents and disaster incidents. Because maritime accidents are commonly associated with enormous risks both for people and the environment, an efficient emergency management system is essential. We will provide a well qualified project manager and experienced project staff to assist with your emergency management requirements or to help you deal with major incidents. Our staff will supervise salvage operations, arrange for cargo to be unloaded and initiate the safe disposal of hazardous materials. Our emergency management services comply with statutory requirements.

Of course, we can also set up an emergency management operation within your company. This will identify and minimise potential risks in your operating procedures, take preventive measures and put in place contingency plans that will enable you to handle emergency situations effectively and thereby prevent damage to property, health and the environment. All of our staff have a wealth of experience in emergency and risk management within a wide range of business sectors, including power stations, furniture factories, warehousing and local authorities. Our emergency management services are fully compliant with generally accepted standards and with current legislation and can be configured to meet the individual requirements of your company. HÖPPNER Management & Consultant GmbH is your personal trusted advisor for emergency and disaster management. We look forward to working with you soon.