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Emergency and disaster contingency planning

Emergency and disaster contingency plans are regulations that establish what should happen when a particular disaster strikes. Depending on whether it is a minor incident limited to the local area with a moderate impact on people and property, or a fully blown disaster, an emergency plan or a disaster contingency plan will come into effect. A distinction is also be made between events with a natural origin and those caused by human action.

Emergency and disaster contingency plans cover fire protection in factories as well as incidents in buildings or installations with special hazards, such as chemical plants or hazardous material storage depots. They reduce response times in the event of an emergency and can also help to highlight potential risks and ways of preventing incidents from happening. They form part of any comprehensive emergency management programme.

To ensure the robust operation of safety measures in an emergency, it is important for emergency and disaster control plans to be revised and updated regularly. For this reason, the local fire and emergency services should be consulted when creating an emergency plan or a disaster control plan. Whenever the emergency services are deployed to deal with an emergency, they must know how best to avoid causing harm to humans, the environment and property.


Our services

  • We draw up emergency and disaster contingency plans for businesses.
  • We draw up ex-zone plans.
  • We implement emergency and crisis management plans that prepare you to deal methodically with any incident, emergency or crisis. They reduce response times and minimise the potential damage caused by crisis situations.

The benefits for your business

  • With an appropriate structural and procedural organisation in place, you will be well prepared to deal effectively with unexpected events.
  • We identify and eliminate weaknesses in your emergency response procedures.