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The second mainstay of Höppner Management & Consultant GmbH’s consultancy portfolio is the area of protection. Here, we include all areas of professional health and safety management like plant and industrial safety, health protection and emergency management. Because we know the risks, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions to provide optimum protection and security within your company.

Do you work with hazardous materials? What precautions should you take when handling explosive mixtures? Do your employees need protective clothing? Who is responsible for construction site safety? What fire safety regulations have to be observed? What does an emergency contingency plan include? How do you, as an employer, prevent stress in the workplace? We have the answers to all your questions about “protection”.

Höppner Management & Consultant GmbH will support you in your efforts to improve protection and safety in your company. We have practical, in-depth experience of many industries. And we will advise you on every phase of your particular project: from planning a production operation to optimising your employees’ working environment, from making a construction site safe through to disaster management.


Our services: