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Occupational Health & Safety

Companies that place value on their employees being able to work in a healthy and safe climate are successful. This insight has accompanied us at HÖPPNER for over two decades. Such a healthy working climate includes the creation of working conditions which ensure a balanced relationship between workload and relief on the one hand, the direct protection of the individual from physical injury on the other hand, but also an absolute basic trust of the employees in the welfare responsibility of the management. Prevention and communication create trust! Occupational safety and health protection are the basis for this.

We support you within the framework of a holistic approach in all relevant areas of occupational safety:

  • Accident prevention – avoidance of situations in which employees can be harmed in terms of health (technical, organizational and personal occupational safety)
  • Emergency prevention – development of concepts for averting / coping with fire or explosion events, major damage to technical facilities, epidemics/pandemics
  • Health prevention – Orientation of the company processes towards the best possible preservation and promotion of health of each employee, e.g. in connection with the use of hazardous and biological substances, with physical and mental stress that can lead to chronic illnesses or with the work process design that takes into account the necessary mental and physical regeneration
  • Legal certainty – compliance with legal and professional association requirements in the field of occupational health and safety (in conjunction with the “legal cadastre” department)

Contact us if you need support with case- and practice-oriented consulting, the creation of legally compliant documentation, the development of processes and procedures or even communication to and with your employees (instruction, in-house training, workshops, etc.).