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Meet the team

Inka Ahl
General Manager
+49 5531 981226
Angela Jirschik
+49 173 9957 114
Sophia Matzner
Project Engineer
+49 172 2939319
Isabel Behrendt
+49 172 748 7760
Sarah Proksch
+49 173 2103449
Michael Wentler
General Manager
+49 171 4906554
Christian Langmacker
Project Engineer
+49 172 1775358
Joachim Voß
+49 173 6759346
Felix Barbré
Project Engineer
+49 173 43 84 305
Heiko Königer
+49 162 2565488
Dr. Nils-Oliver Höppner
General Manager
+49 4173 50122-10
Torben Kröll
+49 1520 6275819
Julia Werhahn
+49 173 2917212
Katrin Klüppel
Project Engineer
+49 160 4437370
Marius Quitmann-Crawaack
+49 1520 6279208


For more than two decades, Höppner Management & Consultant GmbH has been the first port of call for all issues relating to corporate environmental protection and workplace safety. Our consultancy services set standards in dependability, quality and are always watertight and officially recognised. We harness our considerable expertise and insight in all aspects of environmental issues and protection to benefit your business and operations. We provide support in compliance with all legal/regulatory obligations, including emission control, hazardous substances laws and plant safety. We put your interests first and develop carefully tailored solutions for the introduction of management systems or the provision of external consultants. We’re only satisfied when our clients are.

Our team has extensive expertise in all aspects of health and safety in the workplace and environmental laws, not just in theory but also in practice. Our comprehensive qualifications and long-standing professional experience across a wide range of fields translate into concrete advantages for our clients. We know exactly what a health and safety officer has to do on a site to get results, and at the same time, we can explain the laws controlling emissions in detail to the CEO. Regular training courses keep our staff abreast of the latest developments in the industry, underpinning the quality of our advice, and we are continually widening our service portfolio for our clients with the aid of specialised additional qualifications. Our personal commitment enables us to build an open and transparent working relationship based on trust with our clients, while diversity and flexibility are the core strengths of our young, highly skilled team.

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By the way: HÖPPNER has EcoStep 5.0 certification .