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Environmental officers

Within the framework of the precautionary principle, the environmental officer assumes the important function of operational self-monitoring in a company and takes care of all tasks of operational environmental protection, such as immission control, water protection, waste, hazardous substances and fire protection. He or she monitors compliance with legal and official regulations within the company or in an industrial plant, thereby supplementing the external monitoring by the authorities.

Environmental officers are appointed by the management or the plant operator. Their tasks include monitoring compliance with specified standards and regulations in regular and extraordinary business and plant operation, documentation, advising the plant operator, developing and introducing improvements, monitoring and controlling operating facilities, informing and educating plant employees, reporting defects and providing regular reports.

Environmental officers are anchored in the organisational structure of a company as a so-called staff unit. They are, so to speak, the “entrepreneurial conscience” and should be able to act independently of economic interests. The prerequisite for the fulfilment of their tasks is specific expertise and the proven qualification of the operations officer for their area of responsibility. Company officers can be appointed both internally and externally. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to train and maintain a company employee for this position.

Höppner Management & Consultant GmbH provides you a wide range of know-how and many years of experience with external environmental officers dealing with these following issues:

  • Waste
  • Water protection
  • Immission control
  • Accident
  • Hazardous substances
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fire protection
  • Environment and sustainability

We also offer seminars and training courses for the education and further training of company representatives in the above-mentioned subject areas. Please feel free to contact us.