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Training for auditors

Internal audits should never be considered an annoying and time-consuming duty – they are an important element in any management system that aims to continually improve operations. Audits examine whether processes and structures comply with specific requirements; they are used to analyse the current status and use management ratios or performance metrics to determine whether and in what form the   targets have been achieved. Audits are a valuable method of optimising processes, identifying weak spots and boosting overall efficiency. In ISO and EMAS certification, audits are a key requirement for attaining certification.

Because auditors not only need the specialist knowledge but also practical, communication and process-oriented skills, special training for these key people is a valuable investment.


 Our services

  • We train your auditors and provide additional qualifications.
  • We work with you to select the relevant focus: quality, environment, health and safety.
  • Our curriculums are continuously updated to include the latest legislation.

The benefits for your business

  • Our experienced engineers monitor the audits, allowing your auditors to apply their theoretical knowledge directly to practical operations, build their personal competence and boost the value of the audit results. 
  • Our auditor training courses are tailored exactly to the needs of your business, giving your auditors the opportunity to learn all the necessary techniques and skills.
  • Audit efficiency is enhanced by integrating the training in planning, implementation and reporting.
  • You pick the topic, date, participants and location for your staff training courses to suit your company’s needs. For in-house courses and workshops we will plan the concept to reflect your specific requirements.
  • We can provide all mandatory and voluntary expert training courses; on request we will also determine the individual training needs of your employees.
  • On request, and irrespective of the number of participants, we can provide all services needed for your training courses, from seminar administration and organisation through to the presentation of certificates.
  • As certified auditors, our experts can also perform audits in your company.