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Plant safety

The purpose of plant safety and hazardous incident prevention is to prevent malfunctions in plants where hazardous substances are handled. Should an incident occur, then the objective it to minimise its impact on people and the environment.

When planning a new plant, we assess how and to what extent the identified hazards can be avoided or minimised. Safety measures need to be implemented in order to control any remaining risks. We differentiate between primary and secondary measures, and the focus is on primary safety and prevention measures. These are put in place to prevent malfunctions or operating interruptions having a serious impact, e.g. hazardous substances being emitted. To prevent this happening special safety features and devices are installed throughout the plant, for example automatic cut-out switches. These devices and installations limit the effect of potential malfunctions to a level that can be controlled. These features include protective walls, pressure relief systems and fire protection measures.


Our services for you include

  • We identify the basic risks in a plant prior to planning.
  • We identify the potential dangers posed by plants, systems and processes.
  • We inspect the site for all safety-relevant factors.
  •  We assess the planning documents to ensure that the safety aspects and technology are consistent.
  • We check to ensure that the safety and environmental plans have been fully and completely implemented prior to plant commissioning.

The benefits for your business

  • The equipment in your plant complies with the applicable safety standards.
  • The risk of interruption or malfunction is minimised.
  • Compliance with all aspects of workplace safety, health protection and environmental protection.