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It is our duty to take care of and protect the environment around us. For businesses, however, compliance with the diverse aspects of environmental protection and environmental regulations can present a wide range of challenges. Not all companies are able to devote the necessary time these aspects demand. Often, they lack the expertise or simply the time to introduce a comprehensive environmental management system.

Höppner Management & Consultant GmbH specialises in environmental consultancy for enterprises. The environment and all its many facets, such as water, air, soil and waste, are a key pillar in our consultancy services. Our mission is to help you tackle the many tasks involved in modern environmental protection that you face in your business operations. From waste legislation to water protection, the measurement of emissions or ensuring that your equipment and plants comply with emissions regulations, calculating the carbon footprint of a product, or contracting an external environmental protection officer: we develop customised solutions and support you with our experience and expertise. We’ll help you introduce an environmental or energy management system in compliance with EMAS or ISO 50001 and will advise you on all aspects of preparing sustainability reports and balances, as well as conducting energy audits.