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Due Diligence is an investigation process that involves assessing a company prior to a business or financial transaction with this party. Due diligence audits include a systematic strengths/weaknesses analysis of the asset being purchased, an in-depth risk assessment and a meticulous evaluation of the asset. For industrial enterprises, technical environmental and safety aspects can play a major role in whether the asset’s value increases or decreases. Both the risk portfolio and investment budget are largely determined by site conditions (existing contamination, emission performance) and the regulatory requirements (the plant’s approval status, waste water discharge consent). By performing due diligence in advance, you can protect your enterprise against investment risks and avoid potential conflict and litigation in the future. It gives you an essential advantage for future decisions and a good basis to negotiate with your business partners.

Our services

  • Our expert environmental consultants will recognise and document all environmentally relevant risks and potential hazards.
  • We also offer existing site evaluations for businesses that want to comprehensively update their risk portfolio.
  • Due Diligence can help to identify need for remedial action with cost estimates.
  • We conduct hazardous substances and contaminant assessments (asbestos, Lindane, PCP) in operating buildings and on ships.
  • We assess the technical standards and operating procedures of plants with regard to fire protection, hazard control, and in terms of legal regulations and the requirements of the employers’ liability insurance association, and we draw up recommended action plans and investment cost estimates based on the results.
  • We conduct hazard assessment with regard to occupational health and safety (risk of occupational illnesses, workplace ergonomics, hazardous substances, mechanical and electrical risks).
  • We assess the social environment (existing control systems, internal and external environmental image) and we draw up recommended action plans and investment cost estimates based on the results.
  • We take care of provisions and propose present and future investment needs.
  • We handle all necessary documentation (waste and hazardous substances legislation).