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Since the beginning of 2017, businesses have been obligated to publish CSR reports. Capital market companies, banks and insurance companies in Germany and Europe are obligated to report on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. CSR is not an additional activity; it should be viewed as an integrated part of core business. CSR reporting covers the enterprise’s responsibility to actively monitor its compliance with environmental and socially responsible business practices. The report covers a wide range of aspects concerning to the company’s impact on the environment, its labour and social practices, and its ethical standards in human rights protection and the prevention of corruption. Additionally, the CSR report must identify the risks to these aspects that the company’s operations potentially present and outline its risk prevention strategy. The law on CSR states that international standards and guidelines can be applied. The report must be published annually, either separately or as part of the company’s financial accounts.

Even if your business does not fall into the category “capital market company” and your revenue and employee numbers are lower than those for mandatory CSR reporting, as an SME you could still have a legal obligation to provide CSR reports: companies with mandatory CSR reporting are also required to examine their business partners’ supply chains. As a supplier you will at some point be approached by a customer and asked to report on your CSR activities. Why wait until then?


Höppner Management & Consultant GmbH helps you to conduct a CSR audit and prepare a CSR report. We analyse your performance in areas such as sustainability and help you introduce other CSR-relevant topics. We will write your individual CSR report in compliance with international guidelines and standards, such as ISO 2600, GRI or DNK. Get in touch!

For more information about CSR reporting obligations, read our white paper (German only).