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Environmental communication should be an integral part of every corporate communications strategy. The goal of environmental communication is to enhance your company’s corporate image – its reputation, or the way it is viewed by outsiders – by presenting your environmental performance and environmental competence convincingly. Establishing a reputation as an environmentally responsible company is only possible through continuous, long-term dialogue with all relevant stakeholders.

We make a distinction between internal and external environmental communication. The purpose of internal environmental communication is to exchange information within the company. This includes technical knowledge, information on material and energy flows, and system-relevant information on environmental policy, environmental goals and programmes. It is important to sensitise employees to the environmental impact of their own fields of activity so that they can promote environmental awareness and enable ecological learning processes.

A credible and transparent external communication programme engenders trust on the part of external dialogue groups. A well-designed communication programme shows that a company takes environmental protection seriously and that monitors and tries to minimise its environmental footprint. External environmental reporting is directed at customers, for example, suppliers, local residents, local authorities, investors, banks, insurers and environmental organisations, as well as the general public.

What we can do for you

  • We can take care of your company’s environmental reporting (your environmental report, your environmental statement, and your environmental communication messages on the internet, etc.).
  • By training your employees in all aspects of environmental protection, we can provide the basis for your successful internal environment-related communications programme.
  • We can document your environmental management system.
  • We can assist you in creating an environmentally-friendly image.

The benefits for your business

  • Conscientious and environmentally responsible employees contribute significantly to improving the environmental performance of any business.
  • A lively, environment-oriented communication culture that imparts specialist, environmental and general knowledge will foster a cooperative problem-solving development process.
  • Well-informed employees are your company’s best ambassadors.
  • They will enhance the way your company is portrayed to the outside world.