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Construction site safety

Construction site safety is a special subcategory of Health and Safety. Due to the high risk potential on large construction sites, there are many rules and regulations for construction site safety to be observed. For corresponding projects, a construction site safety officer must be appointed to coordinate the various measures already during the planning and later during execution, to supervise compliance with them and to communicate with all parties involved. HÖPPNER Management & Consultant GmbH will provide you with a health and safety compliance manager qualified in accordance with Appendices B and C of the German RAB regulations (Health and Safety on Construction Sites) as well as TRGS 524, BGR 128.

The extensive construction experience of our employees in the fields of civil engineering, structural engineering and plant construction as well as in the event of accidents ensures that the health and safety officer of HÖPPNER Management & Consultant GmbH receives the necessary acceptance from those involved in planning and execution. Our employees are able to link a wide range of occupational health and safety aspects with the conditions on the construction site and to develop solutions which maximise both the protective and economic effect. Our construction site safety officers can look back on numerous references in almost all areas of civil engineering and are thus able to contribute extensive experience to current projects. In addition to our normal safety and health protection activities, we also cover special topics such as fire and explosion protection, working at heights, testing personal protective equipment and handling hazardous substances.

We would be pleased to advise you and your company on all matters related to construction site safety. Contact us today.