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Emergency / accident management

Accident management in the classical sense of the term describes the average or accident during transport by ship. Today, however, the term covers general exposure to substances during transport, storage or during plant operation.

For this reason, a fire in an industrial facility is also covered by the term ‘average’, since the release of toxic substances produced during the fire and possibly even leakage of containers with toxic and environmentally hazardous substances is always to be expected. Apart from the physical damage caused by a fire, depending on the material composition of the burning material and the prevailing fire conditions, there will be harmful soot, potentially carcinogenic compounds and treacherous deposits which can cause corrosion and consequential damage.

Further problems can arise due to the extinguishing agents used: Contaminated extinguishing water, for example, must not be allowed to escape into the environment, and the formation of mould on buildings must be prevented. In order to prevent damage to directly and indirectly affected materials, machines and electrical systems, quick action is required in the event of a fire!

HÖPPNER is your experienced partner in the containment of accident and fire damage events and will take care of the demarcation of the damage zone and the establishment of the so-called black/white area. As waste, hazardous goods and/or environmental officer, we initiate all necessary measures within the scope of the emergency management to protect the environment, to resume operations and to preserve the assets of your company and coordinate the companies involved in the measures. In addition, we take on the role of mediator between authorities, waste management companies and your company.